Friday, September 23, 2011

An Honest Confession

I have the best wife a man can ever wished for.
The Kid is the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life.
Home is where I will always go to coz I know that the wife and the kid are waiting for me.

At home I always get a king's treatment, eventhough I dont think I deserve one ( I am a complete jerk who keep lazying around).
I am thankful to Allah for his blessings, for giving me a woman who understands and accepts me the way I am.
I am blessed with a wonderful child who gives me a special warmth of love, but also drives me crazy at the same time.

Although life can be hard at times, happiness for me is just around the corner.
If only I can appreciate them more.
If only I can be better.
If only..

Oh did I mention I got the best wife and son ever?

Friday, August 05, 2011

Mood lapar

Spaghetti ala kampong by Chef Ana. (February 2011)

Btw, this doesnt mean im craving for it for breakfast.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Never gonna happen again.

I always think myself as a so-so parent. I'm not the kind that has patience of the size of the mountain. I got angry damn easily. Especially during the regular nose-liquidation period, where my mood can swing from bad to worse in a hiccup. Lately I have developed a tendency to release my anger towards the kid, who now has turned into a young version of Johny Delinger, creating havoc in his own innocent way. For every scolding I've given to the kid, a thousand pound of regret shall quickly follow though. Damn he's too adorable to throw my angst at.

Yesterday, I screamed and landed my giant fat palm on his thigh. The reaction on his face brought upon me the biggest heaviest feel of guilt and regret I have ever felt. Numbness spread through all over my body, as the kid made his 'sad, afraid, but holding the tears back' look and threw it right at my face. I was left speechless. To add to my misery, the wife went berserk and cried a hell of a river beside me.

Yes, I was behaving like a mad man, a crazy old fella who you always hate on tv. Worse, I was behaving like my father. I am a man who can't keep a promise to myself, but damn I will try my hardest to change, to become a better parent. He is a kid god damn it, I was way over the line on that one. God, this feel of guilt is a torture!!

Last night after the incident, the kid played his ass out as usual, jumping and running all over the place, leaving a trail of messes behind his every step. You know what, one thing I learn is that how hard I scold my son he never keeps it in him, he always come and shows his love to me no matter what. So there he was, all yawning and sleepy, grabbed his blanket and smiled cheekily to me, grabbing my arm towards the bedroom, asking me to take him to sleep. The heart just melted, man. And you know what? He even refused to let his mommy to lullaby him to sleep. He got to me, spreading his arms wide, begging me to put him to bed. Damn it, he wanted me, the bad parent, the one who scolded him heartlessly just a mere hours ago, to send him to the dreamland. How God has his own way to teach us lessons eh?

The heart melted like ice cream in a hot lava. As I landed my head to sleep, a drop of tear slid down my cheek. I'm sorry boy. I promise I'll be better.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life with Farhi Part 11 - 11 months old

Keje selongkar barang daddy!!

See..very well behaved!!

Tido kat majlis kawen zaher

Haa see? Wake up pon tak nanges!!

Life with Farhi Part 10 - 10 months old

Daddy taknak teman farhi tgk jumanji?

Kalo dah masuk pool mcm ni lah..

Regular scene every morning.

Life with Farhi Part 9 - 9months old

Vacation in Egypt

Daddy nk makan ape?

Love makan biskut

Bos kecik. Dok blakang elok2 ah

Nk hantar daddy pegi keje!!

Life with Farhi Part 8 - 8 months old

With his beloved Mak tok and Tok ayah


Crying sebab demammm

Tertido coz too penat and demam

Life with Farhi Part7 - 7 months old

Drooling too much. Eyang said 1 litre per day!!

Cant stay still, but still very behaved!

My little polar bear

Life with Farhi Part6 -6 months old

Mamam banyak!!

Starting to be lasak!!

Life with Farhi Part 5 - 5 months old

Agah sket gelak besar. Gigi tarak lagi!!

An expert on in self bottle holding.

Loves to make this kind of face expression.

Life with Farhi Part 4 - 4 months old

Tgk skill Bergkamp hehehe

Clever enough to hold the bottle on his own!!

Mengamuk kene sedut

It's mommy's fault!!

Kene pujuk dgn daddy!!

Life with Farhi Part 3 - 3 months old

Sleeping with daddy, but he's the first to wake up

Slalu kene lambung!!

Mommy's dearest

Dah biase dok diam2 dalam seat

Mommy nk ajar minat AF. Haihhhhh

Life with Farhi Part 2 - 2 months old

Life with Farhi Part 1 - New Born

The kid will turn a year old in a week's time. How quickly time passes us by eh? The past 11 months was brilliant for me, the best period of time in my entire freaking life. Watching Farhi growing up in front of my own eyes was heavenly. As I'm in the mood for blogging I'm gonna use all the bandwith available to upload Farhi's pics as much as I want. Enjoy them, as for these moments they wont return. Love, big o' daddy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My boy..dah besar already!!

I'm hungry!!

Rapper baby!!

Layan of that bloody AF

Suke betenggek kat daddy!

Look mommy!!I'm swimming!!

Kalo dengan daddy tu..haihhh

A well behaved boy. Senang nak dibawak ke kedai makan!!

It's a start!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally, it's the end.

Who would have thought a team that just scored a last minute goal would concede another a mere seconds later?

After putting out such an insipid display of football, honestly Arsenal do not deserve to win the game at all. For all their hailed 'technical ability', it was laid bare to all eyes watching that this Arsenal side lacks heart, desire, commitment, and for a team with at least 4 national team captains in it, leadership. No urgency, slow, where the fuck has the pace gone?I swear for the whole 110minute of the game I never once saw an Arsenal player busting his lungs out whether trying to break into the opposition area or tracking back. This is what infuriates me and all the fans. We keep hearing that this team is not going to give up, they are going to break their legs in order to catch ManUre but that was all talk, no substance what so ever. Yeah you can say the penalty was a ridiculous decision but you cant always blame the refs. Look into the mirror Arsenal. We have a shot to win a title since years but none of you seem wanted to win it at all.

Finally, it's the end of the season.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Back again


Haven't been writing(or in any mood of writing) for a long time. Well life's good, the wife's great, and the kid is almost a year old already. That reminds me, hell I need to fork out some money for the kid 1st birthday.

Blame the baby for being too cute!!Haha!!